Enrollment Requirements

New Student Enrollment Requirements:

  1. Proof of residency- Parent/ Guardian must have two proofs of residency. This may be a current tax statement for a home, a current utility bill for electric or gas (excluding cable) in their name, and/ or a valid WV driver’s license.

  2. Birth certificate-A certified birth certificate (issued by the state registrar’s office) from the state in which the student was born.

  3. Social Security Card- An original Social Security card if possible, otherwise a copy of the card is acceptable. A social security number is also acceptable.

  4. Immunization record- Current list of immunizations.   Immunizations must meet newly revised entrance requirements. This must be reviewed by the school nurse before a student is enrolled.

  5. Previous school information-Name, address, phone number and fax number (if possible) of school in which the student was last enrolled

  6. Custody/ Guardianship papers- If a student is living with one parent/guardian because of a divorce/separation/extenuating circumstances, a copy of the current court ordered page signed by a judge indicating guardianship is required.

Students returning to Hancock County Schools from Home School must meet the above requirements.