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OGMS Bear Paw Press staff members are chosen from fifth through eighth grade applicants who show enthusiasm and drive for writing and reporting. Students complete interviews, write news stories, draw original comics, and take photographs to include in the school newspaper. Students and teachers throughout the school are encouraged to submit stories, artwork, and donate one dollar to put a “Happy Ad” in the newspaper. The Bear Paw Press staff holds yearly fundraisers to help offset operational costs.


The Culture Club provides opportunities for students to experience enrichment activities in a variety of formats. Students may attend plays, concerts and “family-fun” events. Under the direction of our guidance counselor, Matt Cashdollar, members of this group have also starred in multiple school plays. They assist with our annual Music and Art festival, which is held in March at Oak Glen High School. The collaborative effort between the schools and community has been very successful.


The OGMS fifth and sixth grade math clubs are coached by Peggy Patterson, Velda Icard and Tammi Brown. The clubs meet weekly from October through March and practice higher order math skills that will prepare members for monthly contests hosted by Math Olympiads for Elementary & Middle Schools (MOEMS). Points are awarded through the MOEMS program, with special awards to be presented in the spring. In May, the math clubs plan on hosting an Annual Family Math Fun Night and bake sale. At this event, students, family members and community members will play mathematical games designed by club members. The event also served as a fundraiser to assist in purchasing year end awards and t-shirts.


Oak Glen Middle School Student Council provides our students with a great opportunity to get involved with in school and out of school community service, while demonstrating leadership skills necessary to make an impact on the lives of others. At the beginning of the school year, each homebase elects one person to represent their class as their student council member. The elected students must retain certain requirements all academic year to be able to hold this position. Throughout the course of the school year, Student Council participates in many in school and out of school functions, such as holding a canned food drive to benefit local food pantries, raising money for Make-A-Wish, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, fundraising activities, and more! This student led organization is a great example of what all of our students should strive to be!